Fatboy Slim - Love Island [Superfort RMX] (out now)

    Superfort won the 1st place in Juno's and Skint records Love Island Remix Competition. The remix is now available in Juno's store, under the wing of Skint Records

    Superfort on Android (out soon, maybe)

    The app that allows you to trigger samples used on Superfort's tunes. With the Loop function the user can even create its exclusive mashups!

    Lucky Mary (click the image)

    Superfort's debut release on vinyl, with Big M Productions, featuring four original songs based on many classic samples.

    "Uber juicy party flavours right here as Superfort pays a rambunctious homage to the 'anything goes' big beat days. Four tracks in total; each one complete with their own game of spot the sample. We won't spoil the game for you at home but let's just say the mash of Tone Loc and Rolling Stones on "Mind Set", and a well known Free guitar lick on "2nd Act" should drive your dancefloor crazy. Unashamed silly business, the world's discotheques need more fun-fondled funk like this."
    Juno Records

    Rescue Unit (Click the image)

    Rescue Unit is a revamp of the song Rescue Me by Fontella Bass. This is a free download, exclusively from Spinforth's Scour #69.

    Supersynth for Android (click the image)

    A monosynth sequencer and drums for programming super-hooks on your phone! Sequence octave change, arpeggios, filter modulation and bend effects. 

    Beat Boulevard (Click the image)

    Second digital release with BigM Productions.
    "Out on Big M, Superfort drop two energetic nu-funk breaks beauties on this tasty new single. "Beat Boulevard" rocks a frantic, cymbal-heavy drum track with acapella cuts from Ultramagnetc MC's seminal "Poppa Large" cleverly cut-up amongst the madness. There's also the more smooth and summary "What You Want", which is well worth checking out."
    Juno Records

    Superfort (click the image)

    Debut release with BigM Productions.

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